For several years Agostino has provided professional advice of the highest quality to me on a number of insurance, estate planning and tax planning matters. He is competent, meticulous and straightforward.
G. DelVasto

I like working with people that make it easy to work with them.
Agostino knows what he is doing, presents what I need,
and gives me the time I need to make my decisions.
Tony Gervasi Eng., V.P., Gensteel Doors Inc.

When I took Mr. Iermieri¹s first call, I couldn¹t help but
think of all those representatives trying desperately to
sell a product. But after he asked a few perceptive
questions, we quickly agreed to meet. I noticed he
listened actively and attentively to gain a better
understanding of my needs and concerns. After that,
choosing the right product was easy. Now there are
regular follow-ups that are pressure-free and appreciated.
In short, a simple, effective business relationship marked by
great courtesy.
Robin Blanchet ing., Président, Fèves au Lard L'Héritage

I was referred to Agostino by a business colleague. For several
years he has provided professional advice on a number of insurance,
estate and tax planning matters. Mr. Iermieri is competent, meticulous
and straightforward.
Franco Pecora, President, Custom Downstream Systems Inc.