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1 – Which has the highest probability/greatest chance of occurring?

Your house burning
Major car accident
Death before age 65
Critical Illness before age 65

2 – Which is the fastest growing segment of our population?

55 - 64 years old
65 - 74 years old
75 - 84 years old
85 years and above
do not know

3 – If you had a heart attack, stroke or were diagnosed with cancer, how much would your current insurance pay you?

$100,000 or more

4 – Would a critical illness impact your finances?


5 – What is the leading cause of mortgage foreclosure?

6 - What percentage of heart attack victims admitted to hospital survive?


7 -  What are the risks of mortgage insurance purchased through the bank?

Cannot do anything with the insurance but pay off the mortgage
Cannot keep my insurance if I pay off my mortgage
If I change banks to get a better interest rate I will lose my insurance
If I become uninsurable I cannot convert my policy to permanent insurance
All of the above


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Last name